entering contact centre-wc350 We try to have as few rules as possible. However, the Contact Centre is used by several families at the same time, so consideration for the comfort and safety of all users is important. Therefore we are grateful to families for following these guidelines:

• All access to the Centre is by prior appointment only.

• Parents are responsible for the safety and supervision of their children at all times while at the Centre.

• No child may be left without a parent in attendance.

• A contact number must be left when you leave children at the Centre.

• Children can only be taken from the Centre if this is stated on the referral form, or there is written consent from both parents.

• Only relatives and friends named on the referral form can attend the Centre.

• No mobile phones or cameras may be used within the contact hall: please ask for our guidance about taking photos of your children.

• Please help us keep the hall clean and tidy, by clearing up sweet wrappers etc and putting games away after use.

Basic rules

• Alcohol, drugs or people under the influence of these are not allowed on the premises.

• There must be no arguments in front of the children.

• We do not accept offensive, aggressive or racist language to anyone present, nor any disruption to other children’s contact with their parents.

The Centre reserves the right to refuse use of the facilities if contact is not being used to provide the children with a positive experience or if any of these rules are broken.

Image of mother reading to ChildrenThe Contact Centre Trustees have drawn up a full set of policies for child protection, health and safety, etc. All of the policies are available at each Child Contact Centre session.If you have a complaint or concern we hope you will raise it with the Team Leader or Coordinator. You can also ask for a copy of our Complaints Procedure.


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