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What do Saturday volunteers do?

snack bar In the Contact Centre children of all ages spend time with the parent they no longer live with and sometimes other family members. Volunteers are central to making this possible. They work as a small team to ensure a safe, child friendly and calm environment for contact. Volunteers are asked to add their name to a rota (either once a month / 6 weekly). Volunteers help prepare the contact room with toys, games and crafts, serve refreshments and welcome parents and children.  Volunteers need to be able to listen to children or adults who may be under stress, without judging, advising or taking sides.   Volunteers are offered training and ongoing support, and we will arrange your enhanced DBS check.

If you become a Child Contact Centre volunteer, you will be joining a group of people whose work has made, and continues to make, a very real difference for a significant number of families throughout the whole of the United Kingdom.

Are you interested in helping us?

If you are interested in helping the work of Eastleigh Child Contact Centre and becoming a volunteer, please send us an email or phone us on 023 8073 9860 for further information about becoming a team member, as we like to have contact with you before issuing application forms.

Eastleigh Child Contact Centre is especially keen to have a balance of male and female volunteers (more men welcomed!) and also to represent the many different cultures of Bristol families who use the centre.

To learn more about volunteering please download this volunteering leaflet.

If you wish to help us raise funds for the centre, visit our Fundraising page

If you have specific skills that may be useful to our Board of Trustees, we’d also be happy to hear from you.

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