My notes are here, but feel free to edit, and experiment on this page.

Here are some notes which may help:

Login is here:

Use eccc-admin as the user name and the password you set up.

While the dashboard looks complicated you do not need to use all of it, in fact what you need to use is a small part of it.

To add a user go to the dashboard and select User, Add User. Make sure passwords are complex, and assign Editor rights until they are competent and then assign admin rights. With admin rights you can easily wreck the site, so take care.

To edit a page, login in, then go to the top left and select and View site will appear, choose that to see the users view of the site.

Navigate to the page you want to edit, when you locate it click on Edit Page at the top of the screen (in the black horizontal line across the top of the web browser window.

When editing remember that all of the icons have tips, so place your cursor on an icon to see what it does. Don’t worry too much about formatting. Use paragraph text when typing things in, and where a title or heading exisits, select the text and apply the style to it through the dropdown (it will currently say Paragraph).

Don’t forget to Update/ Publish your changes when you are done.

You can go back within the editing view by using the “undo” icon on the editing menu bar. If you have published a page or post then scroll down to the bottom of the screen and look for revisions. You can go back a revision here.

Don’t forget to update the page before leaving the page.

To add images

Method 1.

In the dashboard view, select Media library, locate the tab add new. Use the browse button to select the files on your local computer. Upload them to the site. It they are large, then ideally they need to be scaled to a smaller size. Use the edit button, change the size to be approximately 600 pixels wide or 400 pixels tall if it is a portrait aspect ratio. Save the resized image. The resized image is now in the library and available for insertion into a page.

Method 2.

In a post or page click on insert media. View the library and select an image from there. Insert it into the post or page.
If the image is not available select upload files. Follow the instructions to upload an image to the library, edit the image to make sure it is not too large for the website (as in method 1) and then insert it into the page or post.

Keeping your site up to date

Add a Post. A Post is like a post it note that goes to the News page automatically. It works just like editing a page. New Posts automatically go to the top of the news page pushing other posts down. The latest information from your organisation will be at the top of the page.

Any Posts you add are also listed in the sidebar on every page under News This is automatic.


Go to the Calendar to (dashboard view) to add an item on the calendar to indicate which days sessions are running.
This appears on the sidebar. The next 4 dates will appear automatically. You do not need to do anything else to it.


If you want to have a play in private, I have created a page for you. It is not connected to the main menu, so nobody can locate it. Look for Sandpit in the list of pages. Play there, add images and generally experiment. That is the best way to learn. It is quite an intuitive system. You can view this page by going to here:

Members page

Password is @eastleigh

Log out when you are finished.

Have fun.